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    - Planet der Affen (planet of the apes)

Planet der Affen (planet of the apes)                                      (Content)

This sector has been developed by a group of motivated boulderers around Karsten Oelze in spring 2001.

From the parking in the beginning like to the sector Roadside. After about 10 minutes at a prominent "stone-man" turn right like to the sector Fortress resp. Fortress Boulders. About 5 minutes later you come to a fork in the path. Follow the trail towards the Fortress, which leads to the right and uphill through boulders ("stone-men"). About 200 m further the pathturns to the right. Turn to the left here. 30 m further you come to boulder A directly next to the path. Boulder E is lying a bit above on a plateau. On the edge is standing a "stone-man".

The boulder problems:
Almost all problems are sitting starts and most are athletic.
The landing is good, but a crashpad is useful. The problems have been marked with chalk-arrows. SD = Sitting start

All gradings are a rough impression of the difficulty. We did not concern too much about the grades while looking for all these new problems. Later we tried to give numbers.
Have Fun!

Boulder A
1 Start on edge and out over the roof. SD, 6b+
2 Rockrat
   Like 1,but traverse to the right aręte und take this to the top. SD, 6c+

Boulder B
1 Up the left aręte. SD, 6b

Boulder C
1 Left through the wall  4
2 Up in the middle  3
3 Start on the right corner SD, 4

Boulder D
1 Over overhang and with jugs to the top. SD, 5+
2 Like 1, only harder. SD, 6c
3 Affentanz
   Lip of the roof on the left edge. Campusing or hook on the right. SD, 7a

Boulder E
1 Easy through the wall. SD 4
2 First overhanging on jugs, then into slab. SD, 6a
3 Fun with jugs SD, 5
4 Duelfer-moves to jug up to the left. SD, 6b
5 Hard start directly out of the hole, exit like 4. SD, 6c+
6 Start right on a small grotto. SD, 5-
7 Start lying. Right hand low in the roof on a jug. SD, 5+
8 Like 7, at the edge of the roof traverse to the left. The upper jugs are not used. SD, 6c

Boulder F
1 Duelfer up the left aręte and traverse to the right on slopers. SD, 6a+
2 Straigh up in the wall.  5
3 2 m right of 2. 5
4 Mantle over the lip of the roof. SD, 5+
5 On the right edge. SD, 6c

Boulder G
1 Over the bulge to the top. SD, 6a

Boulder H
1 Overhanging Duelfering. SD, 6a+
2 Guano apes
   From 2 edges to the right to jug and overhanging up. SD, 7a

Boulder I
1 Start on the edge opposite of boulder B. SD, 5

Boulder K
1 Over the overhang. SD, 5+
2 See 1. SD, 5
3 Traverse far to the right around the corner into the gorge. SD, 6b

Boulder L
1 Over the roof and completely up. The rock-plate aside is not used as foothold. SD, 6b
2 Over the roof. SD, 6b
3 Over the roof. SD, 6a+
4 Start in the gully on edges und climb up the overhanging wall.   SD, 6a
Bärbel Hertner in ???? Bärbel Hertner in ????? Karsten Oelze in ????