The French bouldering area Ailefroide is a beautiful destination in autumn. See the new photos and a short article on the page to the area.

Not far away from there, just across the border to Italy, there are many areas to be found, all of them excellent destinations in this time of year. On the way to Ailefroide (coming on the motorway from Turino) I recommend a visit at the Rifugio Levi Molinari. There you can climb some world class problems in best granite and all that high above the Valle Susa in an amazing mountain scenery. In the rifugio you can also get information to the bouldering area Chiomonte which is down in the Valle Susa.

If you should be able and feel the wish to continue your journey from here, you can cross over the pass Montgenèvre to the Dauphiné (the region around Briancon, where is also Ailefroide). But this does not mean that you can't visit other amazing places in a quite short time. From the Briancon-area you can cross over the Col Agnelle or the Col de Larche in a very short time to Italy, where are many excellent areas like Castelmagno, the Valle Gesso with some areas or a bit further to the east the Val Ellero (also some new photos) are to be found. Again a bit further to the east there are areas like Valdinferno, Triora or Varazze, but more info to these areas will follow later....

Most of these imortant Italian bouldering areas are described in the bouldering guidebook for northern Italy "iBloc". Information to Ailefroide can be found in the bouldering guidebook "blocheart[1]".