2nd Tinos-boulder-expedition

Greek sun, the sea and tons of excellent boulders inclusive!


The landscape around Volax - almost unlimited potential....


The sector Livada Beach is already developed, but around there are waiting numerous sectors to be opened...


Also this year the development of the huge boulderfield on the Greek Kyclade-island Tinos continues around the change of year. From 25.12.2007-17.01.2008 the focus is on developing new excellent lines in this almost unlimited granite boulderfield. According to a rough estimation there is place for about 5-10 000 boulder problems. At the moment 5 sectors with about 300 problems are developed and the boulder problems are marked with coloured flashes.

We are there in the next weeks to change this. The first "new" sectors have been inspected already in the last year, but then we have been running out of time and could not start with the exploration there.

There are problems in all grades. From super easy slabs and juggy problems up to extreme high-end boulders the very varied granite offers everything the boulderers heart is dreaming of. And if you don't mind the actual temperatures of the Mediterranean Sea you can dive directly from the boulder-blocks into the sea...


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