Report from the 2nd Tinos-boulder-expedition

Sorry, to translate this report is more than I can do with my poor English knowledge. Therefore there exists only a German version.



prospectively available beginning/mid of March

But nevertheless here are some photos, especially from almost all sectors...

KTEL bus stop at the Athens airport

(between door 2 and 3 of the arrival level in front of the

airport hotel "Sofitel" on the 3rd lane)


The sectors on Tinos


Area Livada:

Sector Livada Beach

Sector Katsika

Sector Raki

Sector Skull and the view towards undeveloped boulderfields next to it....

Sector Dam




Area Kakia Skala:

Sector Meadow

Sector Kakia Skala

Sector Hill




Area Petriados:

The sectors Creek, Potami and Paradise are lying directly next to the dirtroad which runs about in the middle of the photo.

First boulders of the sector Creek

Sector Potami

Upper part of the sector Paradise



Area Volax:

Volax means boulders - Blocks wherever you look.

The first boulders of the sector Livadaki

The last boulders of the sector Livadaki and the sector Nefeli in the background.

Sector Ogkolithos