Allgäu-Update 2008

Christian and Andreas Bindhammer opened many new hard problems on a wall close to Freidorf. Some days ago we had again quite good conditions and so Christian could finish some of the last open projects successfully.

Here the new top problems with the suggested grades:

Icebound          8a+/b      SD

Firestarter     8b..8b/b+   SD

Natural                  7c      SD, rl

Ristretto              8a/a+   SD

Frontman               8b    

There are also some easier problems from really easy (~Fb 2) up to Fb 7b+.

And the search for new problems continues....


Rumour has it, that the new edition of the topo Allgäu-Block with many new spots is supposed to come out in time for the new bouldering season towards autumn....