Wet conditions - use of chalk

Yesterday I made a short visit at the Parkplatzwand, the wall was in alarmingly conditions!

Obviously there have been climbing activities during the weekend though the wall was extremely wet because of condensation.

The holds in Monsterball, Pango and some other problems have been covered by a concrete like layer of chalk. With a normal brush the holds could not be cleaned any more. Only by using a really hard brush together with water the holds got fairly clean, but the removal out of the fine structures was not possible. Some holds and footholds got almost polished within only 2! days. The surface of wet rock gets polished by far faster than in dry conditions!


Additionally the "good" hold in Pango (which is not really solid anyway, knocking on it proves that) was loosened. The cement used to protect the hold got a crack, quite sure because the rock was soaked with water.

During the year numerous holds and footholds did break out already. Almost always, when there was bouldering activity while the rock was wet or humid. In some cases I could fix the broken structures in painstaking detail work, in some cases unfortunately this was not possible anymore.


As already exlained in the Rock Condition Report, one should refrain from bouldering/climbing on conglomerate and sandstone in wet conditions! The reason why is shown this weakend in an alarming clearness!


Additinally there have been lying pieces of toilet paper along the whole wall, which obviously remained at the wall in the try to dry the holds.

Futher more I want to point out, that if one has to relieve oneself, the traces should ABSOLUTELY be buried! I am quite sure that everyone is of the same opinion, that toilet paper lying around in our domestic woods is no adornment. You can also pick it up in a plastic bag and give it to the regular garbage!


So please respect the following:

 If this self evident rules are not observed, bouldering will not be possible any more already in a few years as the rock is polished and the holds have broken!

I am sure, that every enthusiastic boulderer has the same opinion and will help to save our valuable rock material which is a great gift of nature.

With this in mind I wish you a great time outside at the rock!

Harald Röker