Allgäu-Update fall 2008

The Nepapla wall has some more problems in the meanwhile, some problems are repeated and the grading is adjusted a bit:

Here the top problems of the wall:

Icebound                                8a+/b     SD

Firestarter                                    8a+   SD

Keine Arme keine Kekse      7b...7c     SD (morpho)

Logical                                        7c      SD, rl

Stepdance                              7c/8a?    SD

Ristretto                                      8a      SD

Sidewinder                                ~7c+   SD (always wet)

?                                          ~7a+/b     SD (almost always wet)

Frontman                          8a/a+..8a+   Standing start

First class tickIT!              8a+/b..8b     (SD) Start with the 2 marked holds

There are also some easier problems from really easy (~Fb 2) up to Fb 7a.


At the Parkplatzwand there are also some new problems done in 2007 and 2008:

Lungo                                      7c...8a     SD (morpho)

Lucky Luca                             7c+/8a     SD

Cosi                                               7c     SD (sitting on a (big) crashpad)

Maxi Cosi                                      7c+   SD (lower start)

There are also numerous traverses and combinations.

And if you should wonder about the incredible hard moves of Florifer (8a), the crux hold is broken in this problem.