Allgäu-Update winter 2010

In the last weeks Harald Röker has been busy and developed two new excellent bouldering spots in the Allgäu area. At the "Burgverlies" and the "Wuselwandl" numerous new bouldering problems are to be found amongst these some incredible 5-star problems.









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Next to some killer problems in the higher grades Fb 7c to 8a also some excellent problems in the range Fb 4 to 7a+ are to be found here...

...and all in extremely steep conglomerate.


Hier some action photos:

Harald Röker in the extremely steep conglomerate power climb "Kerkermeister" (8a)

Far moves with flat holds and all the footholds are somehow far from convenient..

Even when the holds get better the higher you get you have to concentrate up to the top, falling always possible!


"The Lifer" (7c+), crimpy at the start, then pure power-climbing.

The "Eraser" has the same start but finishes to the left at a really good jug before the really hard part begins.

Manu Oberfrank squeezing the holds of "Kerkermeister" (8a) ...

..up to the pinch...

...change feet and far to a pocket.





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Lots to do here in the grades Fb 6a to 8a.

And if you are searching for sun, you will be lucky from about 1 PM on :-)

Harald Röker in "Smeagol" (~ 7c+/8a)

"Gollum" (8a) is an excellent problem, starting very low with mostly small holds and with a very athletic finish.

The last part of "Gollum" can be done as a separate bouldering problem. "Klein Gollum" is a touch easier.



And here a short video from the activities of the last days:                                            (To the content)


 Video Allgäu January 2010 [5,3 MB]