Alpseeblock Immenstadt-Bühl

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 Situation: Directly at the lake "Alpsee" at the "Alpseehaus" in Bühl close to Immenstadt im Allgäu.
 Climate:   Free standing and sunny on the green meadow
 Rock:       Conglomerate

 Topo:       See below

In the context of the flood protection measures for the river Iller the glacier-transported boulder lying since about 18.000 years under the ground was diged out close to Thanners.

Thanks to the 1st Mayor of Immenstadt Armin Schaupp, the 110 tons boulder was cut for transport reasons by a specialist firm in two halves using a steel cable and was put together again neatly next to the Alpseehaus in Bühl.

Hence there does exist now an excellent new and really inventive attraction, especially as there is built a flat water zone of the lake directly next to the block, so this will be a really mellowed place.


Preparing the place for the block - view towards Alpsee....

.... and view towards Alpseehaus


Important to know!


The actually 19 defined boulder problems are marked with different colours depending on the difficulty:


Most problems are Sitting Starts, for these you start sitting on the crashpad. The back is the last part leaving the ground! Such Sitting Starts are marked by arrows having a crossbar below. Additionally the two starting holds are marked by 2 dots. If problems of the same colour are lying close together, the starting holds for the second problem are marked by crosses instead of dots.

Standing Starts are marked by a simple arrow.


Topo for the boulder at the Alpseehaus







The 1st Mayor of Immenstadt Armin Schaupp sets himself his hands on the rock for defining some of the colour marked problems!  Concentration, preparation.....

.... and powerful pulling!