Bad Hindelang - Kraftboulder

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A varied circuit and many extra problems can be found on excellent limestone boulders.

Situation: Close to Sonthofen / Bad Hindelang.
Climate:  Sun in the afternoon; situated in high conifer wood, pleasant also on hot summer days; give at least 2 days to dry after rainfall; the overhangs tend to condensate
Rock:      Limestone
Topo:      Allgäu-Block, GEBRO Verlag

Boulder problems
About 164 boulder problems 2 - 8b+
  2 -   5+ :   104
6a - 6c+ :     39
7a - 7b+ :     12
7c - 8b+ :       9

Mai 2020:

Caused by the current situation (international travel restrictions) we have a massively increased rush of visitors, also in our climbing and bouldering areas. In many places already now the parking situation is very difficult and parkings are overflowing. Therefore the IG Klettern approached the communities to previously discuss possibly upcoming problems and prevent potentially upcoming danger of closures.


The community of Bad Hindelang asks to park for the climbing and bouldering areas at the Ornach (Kraftwand, Kraftboulder, Weihar) solely in Oberjoch on the parkings P1, P2 and P3. The parking for the Hirschalpe should stay reserved for visitors of the Alpe.

We made an access map for this which can be downloaded here: Wegeskizze Kraftwand, Weihar, Kraftboulder


Ulrich Röker in "Grün Nr. 16" Fb 4

Ulrich Röker in "Grün Nr. 14" Fb 5+/6a

Ulrich Röker in "Grün Nr. 9" Fb 6a