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Situation:  Not far from Teruel in Aragon.
Climate:   Mostly south-facing sectors in light pine-wood. Mostly snow in winter and freezing cold. Hot in summer but climbable.
Rock:       Sandstone.
Topo:       eBloc, Bouldertopo España.

Boulder problems
Some hundred problems (more than 700 in the well developed sectors) in all grades up to Fb 8b+.


Topical subject (29.12.2010):

Marco from the "official" boulder webpage for Albarracín reported from massive problems in the area. Currently the two sectors SOL and MASIA, both on private land, are closed for climbing, Albarracin town council is working to find a solution. Furthermore the whole area lying in the park is in danger to be closed, especially the sectors with temporarily limited closures are in danger to be closed permanently. Therefore the following URGENT DEMAND to everyone (see also Albarracín - New restricted sectors and climbing guidelines [English version] (29.10.2010)):

To be able to treat the problems in an appropriate manner, the organisation "ESA" was founded, with the view to preserve the area and the climbing possibilities:



Important additions as PDF-download:

Albarracín - New restricted sectors and climbing guidelines [English Version] (29.10.2010)

Albarracín Update (16.02.2009) - More info to the sector Tierra Media, news and additions

Albarracín - Climbing guidelines [English version] (16.02.2009)

Albarracín - Regulación de escalada [Spanish version] (16.02.2009)

Albarracín - Official decree concerning climbing regulation [Spanish] (16.02.2009)


The sector SOL, sunny as the name already says.

Delicious blocks wherever you look

Here an example for the quality also of the problems in the grades Fb 5/6

The Ufo landed...

A fascinating stone-landscape is waiting for you here....

Jean-Hervé in one of the countless powerful roof climbs of the area