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Situation:  About 60 km south of Santander
Climate:    At an elevation of about 1200 m. In winter snow can make the bouldering difficult, but the high altitude can offer good conditions in summer!
Rock:        Hard, dark sandstone
Topo:        Gadea Y+ - Santa Gadea, Las Tuerces, Resconorio. (For customers from Spain see the webpage of the authors: )

Boulder problems
About 100 problems 2 - 8a in mainly 2 sectors
  2 -   5+ :  32
6a - 6c+ :  38
7a - 7c+ :  20
         8a :    1

Projects and others: 7


For the following photos we say a big "Thank you!" to the authors of the bouldering guidebook "Gadea Y+" as well as to their friends!


The landscape in Resconorio with its stone-walls, green meadows and sandstone cliffs remembers a lot to the bouldering areas in the Peak District

© photo: Javier Meng


Pablo Honrado, "El doblador de esquinas" (7b/b+)

© photo: Javier Meng


Jose Manuel Arce, "El Incidente Dresden" (7b)

© photo: María Alonso

José Ramón Pérez, "El corodecota" (7a)

© photo: Rafael Gómez

María Alonso, "El Chicharro" (6a+)

© photo: Javier Meng

Pablo Honrado, "Si me va a mata..." (7a+)

© photo: Javier Meng

Javier Meng, "Hasta el rabo todo es toro" (6b+)

© photo: María Alonso

Javier Meng in the hardest problem of Resconorio "Ojos de matar" (8a)

© photo: María Alonso

Javier Meng, "Blue Chip" (6c)

© photo: Rodrigo Rodríguez

Rodrigo Rodríguez, "Esquinas Torres" (6c)

© photo: Javier Meng