Las Tuerces

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Situation:  About 95 km south of Santander next to Aguilar de Campóo
Climate:    In general climbing is possible throughout the year, though during cold periods or in windy conditions it can get uncomfortable cold.
Rock:        Pocketed overhanging limestone
Topo:        Gadea Y+ - Santa Gadea, Las Tuerces, Resconorio. (For customers from Spain see the webpage of the authors: )

Boulder problems

About 260 problems 4 - 8a+ in 14 sectors
  4 -   5+ :   19
6a - 6c+ :  108
7a - 7c+ :    95
  8a - 8? :     11

Projects and others: 23

For the following photos we say a big "Thank you!" to the authors of the bouldering guidebook "Gadea Y+" as well as to their friends!


Panoramablick über einen Teil des Gebiets

© photo: Jesús Obregón

Pablo Honrado, El liquidador (6b)

© photo: Javier Meng

Javier Meng, El Virgen (7c+)

© photo: Jose Manuel Arce

Pablo Honrado, El tobogan del amor (7a)

© photo: Javier Meng

Javier Meng, Travesia de la Tortuga (7b)

© photo: María Alonso

Javier Meng, Marcapasos directo (7c)


María Alonso, El retonno de la trucha, 6a+/b

© photo: Javier Meng

Alejandro Puente, La invocación (7a+)

© photo: Javier Meng


Javier Meng versucht ein Projekt im Sektor Carece de Sentido

© photo: Jorge Peñalver

Pablo Honrado, Cuidado con el perro (7c+)

© photo: Javier Meng

Jose Ramón Pérez, Cave Canem (7b+)

© photo: María Alonso

Jose Ramón Pérez in einem 6a Boulder im Sektor Callejón del viento