Friuli - Valle de Resia


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General information                                                                   (Content)

Lage:  East of Resiutta in the Valle de Resia close to the highway from Villach to Udine and close to the Slowenian border.
Klima: Nice valley with a small river, perfect for a visit in summer when the boulders are dry and the creek invites you to jump into its refreshing water.
Fels:    Limestone
Topo:  A 2-page topo (stran1, stran2) by Robert Jamnik could be found in the past on the Slowenian website "alpikor" (as of 2017 the ancient link is not valid any more).

About 80 boulder problems 2 - 7c
  3 -   5+ : 40
6a - 6c+ : 33
7a - 7b+ :   9
7c -   8a :   1


Photos                                                                                            (Content)

Photos could also be found on the slovenian webpage "alpikor"