Lombardia - Val di Mello


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General information                                                                   (Content)

Situation: In the Valmasino and Val di Mello north-east of Morbegno.
Climate: Mountain valley at an elevation of 800-1200 m. There can be snow, but also good conditions in winter.
Rock: Very sharp and granular Granite.
Topo: Bouldertopo iBloc.

Boulder problems
About 300 boulder problems 3 - 8a/b in different areas

Photos                                                                                            (Content)

The sector River in the Val di Mello Perfect scenery and excellent boulder problems (sector River)

Powerful climbing in the sector Cascina Piana

Sunny also in winter - the sector Cappelletta

There are also many, many easier problems

And often flat landing on a meadow



View to the sectors Remenno and Torcia in the Val Masino