Lombardia - Valbondione


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Situation: In the Val Seriana north-east of Bergamo.
Climate: Narrow valley, elevation ~700m. Hot in summer. There can be snow in winter.
Rock: Volcanic, Porphyry sometimes sandstone-like.

Topo: Bouldertopo iBloc.

Boulder problems
About 80 boulder problems 5 - 8a/b, most in the grade 6c-7c

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Sunny... ...and steep
Roofs, mantles, traverses, everything you want Some boulders are almost sandstone-like!

In Sektor Meadow can be found some of the best boulders.

With crimps to an excellent final jump, ~7a/b

A killer 7a, overhanging and athletic, climbing in Valbondione is powerful!