Piemonte - Rif. Levi Molinari


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General information                                                                   (Content)

Situation: In the Val di Susa about 70 km west of Torino.
Climate: Alpine Pasture at an elevation of 1800-2000 m. Snow in winter and the road is closed.
Rock: Granite/Quartzite.
Topo: Bouldertopo iBloc.

Boulder problems
About 120 boulder problems 3 - 8a/b in different sectors

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Pluribol 6b close to the parking.

Some of the best boulders I have ever seen

Il doganiere, 7b. Simply a perfect problem!

Stigmate, 7c (feels more like 8a+!!???) Absolutely excellent, powerful climbing!

Cris Cros 6b+, can be found to the right of ...

...Atlantide 7b+ (another super hard sandbag, could be 8a!!)

One of the most beautiful boulders of the area with excellent problems.

Some of them top out and are really EXPO!

On this wall are 3 7bs next to each other. Here the easiest

(but already this is more like 7c)

An extremely esthetic boulder with excellent lines. The Corner on the left is "Die Hard" 7c+ (I guess it is ways harder) and a nearly blank wall in the middle still a project?