Piemonte - Valdinferno


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General information                                                                   (Content)

Situation: About 50 km north-west of Albenga close to Liguria.
Climate: Sunny hillside at an elevation of about 1100 m. There can be snow, but mostly good conditions in winter.
Rock: Very granular but smooth Quartzite.
Topo: Bouldertopo iBloc.

Boulder problems
About 300 boulder problems 3 - ~8a+ in different sectors

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The "grotta della fate" is the most interesting boulder with many "easy", hard and super hard problems.



"Dal Profondo" (~8a+) is the hardest at the moment, said to be 7c but there are many easier 8as in the world!

One super hard move in "Prima della pioggia"(~7b/c)

An athletic roof traverse in the sector "Golden Globe" ("L'interruttore" 7c+/8a)

The sudden-power-break-down of our camera allowed just one photo before the final shut-down...