Trentino - Valle Daone


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General information                                                                                     (Content)

Situation: In Valle Daone.
Climate: Some sectors are sunny, some in the woods at 1000-1500 m. Often snow in winter/spring, but some sectors can be climbable depending on the snow situation.
Rock: Granite of best quality
Topo: Bouldertopo iBloc

Boulder problems
Hundreds of problems from 3 - 8a+ in about 7 sectors at the moment.

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In the sector Curva the boulders are laying close to the road

You can't imagine better quality of the granite, here an excellent 6c arÍte.

Can't get better anymore, a 7a+ which is absolutely world-class!

If you prefer steep problems - here we go! The valley offers everything!

The development in the sector Bach is just at its beginning and will offer absolutely killer problems up to 8c!